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Karin Page—

Karin Page
Artist: Karin Page
Track: Box
Album: Walk Away

Box is the first single from singer–songwriter Karin Page’s forthcoming debut album Walk Away.

With a musical style that effortlessly blends sounds of blues, roots and country, Karin has worked tirelessly to create songs that are a true reflection of her nomadic lifestyle and restless spirit.

Box is a powerful song with a sassy feel that encourages people to be themselves and draws listeners in from the opening beat. It has already earned Karin a WAM Song of the Year nomination in the Blues/Roots category.

Karin says, “This song is for those who simply don’t want to conform to being pigeon-holed, whether it be at work, home, by family and friends or even society. Releasing Box into the world is my way of escaping the “culturescape” that I feel has held me back for so long. My music crosses many genres, all of which I love and I am inspired by. I truly believe that music is music—so who says I can’t be a little bit of everything? My advice is to be yourself—whatever or whoever that may be.”

Walk Away, Karin’s debut album, was produced by Jordan Power and will be released in October.

With authentic lyrics and melodies, the evolution of Karin’s music has motivated her to forge her own way forward. She already has an impressive array of awards notched up after carving a name for herself across a number of releases, including her striking EP Still Got You.

Website: Karin Page

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