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Jodie Crosby—

Jodie Crosby
Artist: Jodie Crosby
Track: Woman is the Wind
Single: Woman is the Wind

Fans have been asking for Jodie Crosby to release this song for some time. It is based on a poem written by Jon Wolfe and reworked by Jodie, Jon and fellow Tamworth singer/songwriter, Phil Hungerford, into this beautiful calling card for women the world over.

Partly inspired by a comment from Indigenous singer songwriter Kev Carmody who once autographed a copy of his debut album Pillars of Society to Jon with the words “Listen to the wind”, it captures the essence of the female mystique—one cannot always guess where she’s coming from or going to—but there is always strength, love, and, along with unbridled passion, she is sure to make you heed the warnings, nurture your soul and keep you guessing what she’s going to do next.

Website: Jodie Crosby

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