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Jed Zarb—

Jed Zarb
Artist: Jed Zarb
Track: Battle Scarred Guitar
Single: Battle Scarred Guitar

Jed Zarb has returned with his latest single Battle Scarred Guitar, a touching tribute to life on the road and the musician’s struggle for stability. It follows the monumental success of Hillbilly Cider, Jed’s previous release.

Battle Scarred Guitar is a song “about the amount of time that a career solo artist spends on the road with a guitar as their only companion,” says Jed. He lists his only constants as his trusty ute and battered leather boots but admits that “they’re everything I need to take me to your place.”

Jed produced the track himself and recorded it with Saul Santilli at Ebony and Ivory Studios in Riverstone NSW. Embedded in the song is “the longing for the kind of success that brings stability in life and relationships,” says Jed, with “only the wear and tear showing on a guitar as a testament to where I’ve been.” That’s a lot of wear and tear given Zarb’s performing career of more than 25 years, but he’s showing no signs of slowing down and neither is the love from his fans. He’s managed to blend pre-bluegrass American mountain music with Australian bush and folk music and landed in a unique and alluring space, as the success of Hillbilly Cider has shown.

Website: Jed Zarb

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