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Jed Zarb—

Jed Zarb
Artist: Jed Zarb
Track: Mountain Man
Single: Mountain Man

Mountain Man is Jed Zarb’s debut single. An animated personality from an early age, Jed has carved out a stellar career in the entertainment industry, including multiple tours to the Solomon Islands to entertain the troops and three headline slots at the Ballina Food & Wine Festival.

The past year has seen Jed working on developing a new sound, resulting in a truly Australian form of expression heavily influenced by his childhood hero, John Denver, as well as Aussie icons including Sara Storer and John Williamson. Mountain Man is a reflection of Jed’s new life in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. After spending most of his life living at the foot of the mountains and looking up at them, Jed thought “it was about time the age-old phrase ‘I’m a mountain man and I love mountain women’ was immortalised in a song”.

A love song to all the things that make the Blue Mountains so special, Mountain Man features Pixie Jenkins on fiddle, Imogen Clark on backing vocals, Barb Webb on Cajun fiddle and John Zarb, Jed’s brother, on the mandolin. “You can really feel the love in the sessions,” says Jed, “and I’m blessed to have such close, talented muso friends playing on the track.” Jed produced Mountain Man himself and says he “was blessed to work with the talented, creative musician/engineer Saul Santilli in his Riverstone studio”.

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