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Jay Seeney
Artist: Jay Seeney
Track: When I Found You, I Found Me
Album: Light Me Up

When I Found You, I Found Me is the newest single from Jay Seeney’s Light Me Up album.

Speaking about the track, Jay said that he and co-writer Drew McAlister “wanted to create a song that people could connect to and would challenge their idea of finding the one.”

It was recorded in the Rukkus Room in Nashville and produced by Grammy-winning producer Jamie Tate, who has worked with artists including Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, Michael Bolton and MC Hammer.

The single is yet another example of Seeney’s storytelling prowess, coming “from a real place and real events”. “It’s authentic, it’s relatable and,” Seeney says, “it’s the best way to connect with people.”

Website: Jay Seeney

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