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Jay Santilli—

Jay Santilli
Artist: Jay Santilli
Track: Come Back Home
Single: Come Back Home

Melbourne-based singer/songwriter, Jay Santilli, has released her second heartfelt country ballad for 2023, the soulful Come Back Home.

The track is a moving message from parents to their children, assuring them that no matter what obstacles they face or where life takes them, the love of their parents knows no bounds, and they will always have a place to call home.

Through the heartfelt lyrics and Jay’s emotive vocals, this touching song captures the universal longing for the unwavering love of parents and the reassurance of a welcoming home.

“It speaks to the profound connection between parents and their children, evoking emotions and reminding us of the enduring love that exists within a family,” says Jay.

Website: Jay Santilli

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