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Jason Lee—

Artist: Jason Lee
Track: Dust Beneath My Boots
Single: Dust Beneath My Boots

Have you ever wanted to run away from the world, feel dirt and dust on the soles of your feet, and be at peace with no noise and fresh air? Let Jason Lee’s duet Dust Beneath My Boots with Tania Kernaghan help you escape.

Early into the recording process, Jason knew this song needed to be a duet and, as fate would have it, Tania instantly agreed. A much loved performer at national festivals including the Tamworth Country Music Festival and the Gympie Muster, Jason’s list of awards to date are impressive, amassing titles that include Male Vocalist of the Year, APRA Song of the Year and Heritage Song of the Year, as well as being nominated for a Golden Guitar Award for Best New Talent in 2012.

Influenced by the likes of Merle Haggard, Slim Dusty, Tracy Coster and Stan Coster, Jason’s music is a heartfelt journey through traditional country music. His words and music are a reflection of his life and beliefs in the country and its people, and there is a tangible sense of affection towards his fans.

Website: Jason Lee

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