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Jase Lansky—

Jase Lansky
Artist: Jase Lansky
Track: Don’t Go
Album: Rip it Up

Jase Lansky’s Don’t Go is the second single release from his album Rip it Up.

Don’t Go is a love song written for anyone who has lived, loved and lost. The song highlights the confusion faced when not understanding the reasoning behind that loss but wanting to capture a better time or provide an alternative solution. It also focuses on the need to open our vulnerabilities to those around us and those we care about as sometimes our best attributes can also be our worst downfalls—we don’t always need to be a listener.

Jase is a Queensland-based Australian independent country-rock artist, singer and songwriter, raised in the southern parts of Tasmania. He has developed his own style of country music over a number of years from performing and writing songs, and has played everywhere between Hobart and Hamilton Island, and internationally from Bali to Nashville.

Having fronted rock and contemporary bands, as well as duos throughout his musical existence, his path has taken him to the musical depths of Nashville, Tennessee where he recorded his award winning debut album Rip It Up!. Five singles from this album have been released in Australia to date, with all five having Top 20 chart success both here and overseas.

Jase has won various awards for his song writing and album releases, and continues to examine varying styles within his chosen genre. All for Rum is Jase’s next single release.

Website: Jase Lansky

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