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Jase Lansky—

Jase Lansky
Artist: Jase Lansky
Track: That Feel Good
Single: That Feel Good

Jase Lansky says he wrote That Feel Good as a lifting moment to get away from the last two years of absolute craziness. It’s a reflection of getting back to basics, enjoying great times with family and friends, and letting go of everyday pressures. It’s also just a “Feel Good” song.

Jase is an Australian country artist, writer and performer based in Queensland. His music is country-rock based, heavily influenced by the modern American country music scene.

As a songwriter he has won numerous awards since his inception into the country music world in 2016, and as a performer he has played from Nashville to Hobart and just about everywhere in between. Having won various accolades for his album Rip it up!, Jase was also a finalist in the 2018 Gold Coast Music Awards for Album of The Year and Peoples Choice.

This year sees the completion of his long awaited EP, Hella Good Time, which includes the chart topping single of the same name, Don't Go, and That Feel Good.

Website: Jase Lansky

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