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Jarred Taylor
Artist: Jarred Taylor
Track: Loved You Right
Single: Loved You Right

Country Rock powerhouse and 2020 Toyota Star Maker Grand Finalist, Jarred Taylor shakes off the burden of a broken heart on his new single, Loved You Right.

As the first taste of Jarred’s upcoming debut album, the anthemic track puts his gritty vocals front and centre. He is supported by a cast of electric guitars and stadium-worthy drums, a tip of the hat to his love for classic rock. Loved You Right celebrates the genuineness of small-town romance through the lens of a heartbreak song.

“I decided I wanted to try to write something outside of the normal when it comes to break up songs. I know I’ve written my fair share for someone who’s happily married,” laughs the tattooed troubadour. “I wanted to create a world around the song that people could follow along like a movie, or a book, listening to the lyrics and hear the story unfold right before their ears.”

With producer Luke Wheeldon alongside engineer Rhys Zacher, the recording session was cut-throat. “In the studio on this track was the first time I’ve ever told a producer to tell me if I’m wrong,” recounts Jarrod. “Luke Wheeldon was the perfect person for this as a producer, a player, and a friend. He was able to hear the smallest detail and tell me those golden words, ‘AGAIN!’”

Website: Jarred Taylor

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