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Jamie Lindsay—

Jamie Lindsay
Artist: Jamie Lindsay
Track: Here Comes the Weekend
Single: Here Comes the Weekend

Whether your weekend falls on the traditional Saturday and Sunday, or you’re like singer-songwriter, Jamie Lindsay, whose weekend falls on a Monday and Tuesday, Jamie has the song for you!

The Ettalong singer-songwriter’s latest single, Here Comes the Weekend, was inspired by the feeling of getting the chance to kick back and enjoy family time. “Everyone enjoys their weekend differently. Some people go out and travel and explore and camp but for me, when I get to the end of my week, on a Monday and Tuesday, I don’t want to do anything,” Jamie said. “I want to kick back and relax and be a homebody and take it all in and shake off the world.”

The family man used this new single to also celebrate his days off with his children along with a catchy chorus, to sing along to. “If you heard that song on a Friday, I really hope it would rev you up to stick it through those last few hours and get to 5 o’clock and go and have a great weekend,” Jamie said.

Here Comes the Weekend sees Jamie’s return to the country lane with plenty of pedal steel and country vibes.

Website: Jamie Lindsay

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