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Imogen Clark—

Imogen Clark
Artist: Imogen Clark
Track: Left Behind
Album: Collide

Left Behind is the fourth and final single from Imogen Clark’s current album Collide, produced by Diesel’s Mark Lizotte.

Imogen embraces a strong rock sound on Left Behind, complete with four-to-the-floor drums and a searing guitar solo.

She draws inspiration from artists she grew up listening to as well as the constant discovery of new music. “The more my influences grow and the more music I listen to; that makes all the difference to me. I’ll always have the same core influences like Joni Mitchell, Bruce Springsteen and Sheryl Crow who mean a lot to me but as I discover more records and delve deeper into their catalogues, they really inform me creatively,” she says.

Collide reinforces the impression of Imogen being self-assured and worldly-wise. Its deep and soulful title track is built on both a propulsive shuffle and a brooding rock mood. “That song is about feeling like you’re going down a troublesome path, that you’ve gone past the point of no return and just embracing it—the difficulties and challenges of life.”

About working with Mark she says, “I felt it would be the perfect opportunity for me to work with someone who understands Americana music but also loves a lot of other genres and gets rock and folk and has his own varied influences. I jumped at the opportunity and he just understood what I wanted. I was really happy with what Mark did with the album.”

Website: Imogen Clark

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