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Hayley Marsten—

Aleyce Simmonds
Artist: Hayley Marsten
Track: Wendy
Single: Wendy

Hayley Marsten’s new single Wendy, is yet another example of the Gladstone singer’s ability to expertly match playful and personal. Hayley began writing the heartfelt track on a hotel room floor just three days after breaking up over the phone, being given the classic “it’s not you, it’s me,” excuse. “I was pretty sad and feeling sorry for myself,” she says, “but then I thought about my mum and how she held our lives together and was so strong after her 22-year marriage had broken down.”

The release marks the second time Hayley has collaborated with Lyn Bowtell, a seven-time Golden Guitar winner. They worked together on Hayley’s previous single, Coming Home, which reached No. 1 on the Kix Country Chart and 21 on the Australian Country Airplay Charts.

Wendy was recorded at Love Hz Studios with Matt Fell, an ARIA and Golden Guitar winning producer, who has worked with the likes of Fanny Lumsden, Shane Nicholson and Sara Storer. He also produced Hayley’s EP Lonestar, which featured on Hayley’s tour throughout 2018 with Arna Georgia. Hayley also recently opened for Fanny Lumsden’s only Tamworth show.

Hayley’s fans owe a big thank you to Wendy because under her watchful eye Hayley “wasn’t brought up to cry on the couch over just some man.” The only cries, it seems, will be coming from the crowd when Hayley performs the track live at the Norfolk Country Music Festival, VDMfest in Biloela later this year.

Website: Hayley Marsten

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