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Hayley Jensen—

Hayley Jensen
Artist: Hayley Jensen
Track: Next Big Thing
Single: Next Big Thing

Hayley Jensen’s Next Big Thing is about consumerism, hype and fleeting fame in today’s disposable society. Not a stranger to the reality of the situation having been part of Australian Idol and, more recently, The Voice, Hayley points out that the track isn’t just about art or music or fame.

“As humans, we can constantly feel pressure from those around us, and from within ourselves, to be better, the best ... to be at the top of our game, to out-do or, at least, match our own personal best. To do something new and different, but not too different. We not only try to be the best amongst the best, but to out-do ourselves. But trends, rules, goal posts, ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ change so quickly,” says Hayley. “Are we just setting ourselves up for disappointment and failure? We can’t always be number one, can we?”

She continues, “I wrote Next Big Thing by myself, at my keyboard, at a time I was really feeling the pressure. And I think it’s got a pretty important message. Certainly, after being in the music industry for over 15 years, it’s got meaning very close to my heart. The battle of art versus fame has always been there.”

Website: Hayley Jensen

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