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Graeme Connors—

Graeme Connors
Artist: Graeme Connors
Track: Kimberley Frontier
Album: from the backcountry

Country music great, Graeme Connors, enjoyed a successful 2018 with the release of his album, from the backcountry, his first album of new music in seven years, as well as securing three Golden Guitar nominations, including Traditional Album of the Year, Male Artist of the Year and Heritage Song of the Year.

Recorded with renowned producer Matt Fell, from the backcountry is a journal of Graeme’s explorations over the past seven years. The first single, One Life, is a reminder to young and old to make the most of their journey. Kimberley Frontier, released in time to coincide with the Tamworth Music Festival and Golden Guitar celebrations, was triggered by a trip to the home of Alan Pigram of the Pigram Brothers in Broome.

“I travelled to Broome with the intention of a week of co-writing with my friend Alan Pigram,” says Graeme, “however I clearly ended up slipping into Broome Time, and rather than songwriting found myself simply enjoying the ambiance and generally refreshing my spirit. It wasn’t until I returned home several weeks later that the powerful images from a night spent with the Pigram Brothers in Derby floated to the surface and I realized that I wanted to document that time and that experience in a song. Capturing an event musically and lyrically can be quite challenging but the time spent reliving this particular day-in-a-life was so enjoyable—it felt like I was painting a picture with words rather than colours and brushes."

With a career spanning more than 40 years, 17 albums and countless accolades, Graeme has acquired a rare ability to simplify complex ideas, reflect on serious issues with a smile, and combine philosophy and humour with his own unique voice.

Website: Graeme Connors

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