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Good Will Remedy—

Artist: Good Will Remedy
Track: Lighting Bolt
EP: Same Old Crows

Lighting Bolt is the first single from Brisbane based Americana outfit Good Will Remedy from the soon to be released EP Same Old Crows. The song is about the special folk who seem to believe in giving you advice well after an event or action which, while hindsight is a wonderful thing, does not necessarily make someone an expert. “If anything it has totally the opposite effect,” says lead singer Will Lebihan.

Will also says, “Working with Jeff (Lovejoy) for the first time in over 20 odd years was great—it was so good to get back into the studio with him—he really captured the live sound of us.”

Good Will Remedy harnesses all that’s good from country, alt country and rock, mixed together in a southern fried feel-good alt Countryesque Americana style all their own.

Website: Good Will Remedy

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