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Felicity Urquhart—

Felicity Urquhart
Artist: Felicity Urquhart
Track: Chain of Joy
Album: Frozen Rabbit

Chain of Joy is the first single release from Felicity Urquhart’s album Frozen Rabbit. Co-written with Kim Richey, Chain of Joy is an irresistible jaunt and timely reminder to draw on our personal reserves of joy in the face of adversity.

For the past ten years Felicity’s life has held all manner of changes, from marriage, to motherhood, to the increasing demands of a busy radio and television schedule. “The gathering and the song-collecting for this album has taken a few years,” says Felicity. “It comes with ten years of life experience. It’s about finding out that there needs to be truth in everything you do.”

Frozen Rabbit reaffirms Felicity’s status as one of the nation’s best-loved and most respected singer–songwriters, showcasing her celebrated vocal poise, captivating lyricism, and reverence for country music tradition as never before. Produced by her husband and long-time collaborator, Glen Hannah, the album radiates the warmth of family life.

“There are many crazy things happening in the world and when you have little faces looking to you for guidance, I think it’s important to bring positivity and ideas they can understand. For them to know happiness and how to access that in their hearts when things aren’t so grand,” Felicity relates.

Felicity, the host of ABC’s “Saturday Night Country”, has solidified herself as one of the most popular and recognisable country music artists in Australia. She has accumulated an extensive list of accolades to her name. A seven-time Golden Guitar winner with seven studio albums behind her, she has also been nominated for an ARIA, won the CMA International Broadcaster award and performed for both the Pope and the President of the USA. Her 2018 album with Bennett and Bowtell, Weeds, is currently nominated for three Golden Guitars.

Website: Felicity Urquhart

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