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Felicity Dowd—

Felicity Dowd
Artist: Felicity Dowd
Track: Honeycomb and Glue
Single: Honeycomb and Glue

Felcity Dowd’s latest single, Honeycomb and Glue, became a wedding song for couples before it was even released. The song flowed from Felicity’s pen in just 20 minutes as the young artist delved into the complexities of a mature relationship.

Honeycomb and Glue is a metaphor for those relationships that consist of two people who don’t seem to be compatible, argue a lot, but stick together. “This song has seemed to connect well with so many different people. It’s about the couples that don’t make sense on paper, they’re a bit abrasive, but no matter what, they’re strong relationships and stick together through thick and thin,” says Felicity. “They support each other through hard times. This can also relate to families, and all those connections that can last through as many different circumstances as possible—that’s a beautiful thing. I think of this as a mature love song because they’re stuck in love. The song is also very Australian.”

Felicity says she is “hoping just to reach as many different people as possible. It’s different to my other songs like Blue Skies and shows that it doesn’t have a political issue at hand, but it has a universal theme that everyone can relate to it.”

Website: Felicity Dowd

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