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Emmagen Rain—

Emmagen Rain
Artist: Emmagen Rain
Track: City Lights Call
Single: City Lights Call

Hailing from Murwillumbah Northern NSW, Emmagen Rain has released her debut single, City Lights Call, recorded in Sydney late last year. “I wrote this song because I have a feeling that there is an exciting life waiting for me in the city,” says Emmagen.

Emmagen began singing and songwriting at aged 9 when she first heard Zombie by the Cranberries and was overwhelmed by its music and message.

In 2018, Emmagen won the People Choice Award at Tamworth’s Country Music Festival Busking Championship and picked up the 2020 win at Tamworth’s Coca Cola Battle of the Young Stars. In 2019, she won the World Junior Karaoke Championships in Las Vegas. She has played live with country legends The Bushwackers and Amber Lawrence; supported Andrew Swift; and has been mentored at the Tamworth Junior Music Academy by Mickey Pye and Lyn Bowtell.

Website: Emmagen Rain

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