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Emma Sophina—

Emma Sophina
Artist: Emma Sophina
Track: Golden
Single: Golden

Emma Sophina’s latest single Golden is a journey ten years in the making. With its Nashville country pop styling, Golden is a positive song about coming out of difficult times and embracing the beauty in yourself and the world.

Nashville based Australian artist Emma Sophina was thrust into the global spotlight in 2009 through an incident we’ve come to know as “Miracle on the Hudson”, after Flight 1549 crash landed into the Hudson River. This event expanded Emma’s singing influences to multiple platforms such as Larry King, The CBS Early Show and Good Morning America. With a new lease on life, Emma began a journey of writing and arranging for various artists and programs. Now she’s taking her talent and experience into new opportunities. Sharing her amazing journey through her songs and television appearances.

Website: Emma Sophina

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