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Emma Beau
Artist: Emma Beau
Track: Leading me Astray
Album: Emma Beau

Emma Beau, folk alt-country artist and multi-instrumentalist singer–songwriter, has released a second single, Leading me Astray which has a stripped back, acoustic sound reminiscent of Appalachian/Bluegrass music. The track follows her award-winning debut single, Wild Heart.

Leading me Astray “explains a relationship ... the start, present, and future, and the quirks of the time spent together, particularly the notion that someone can lead you away from the life you may have imagined (and that’s a good thing),” says Emma.

Both singles are from an 11-track album, a departure from Emma’s earlier work. The album features a blend of vintage country, rock, and folk music. It is raw and hits straight to the heart. Lyrically, the album features a darker theme of loss, guilt, betrayal, but ultimately, love, and is supported by a cinematic soundscape carefully crafted by Emma and her producer Michael Carpenter from Love HZ. Emma penned ten of the tracks herself.

The album represents years of songwriting and is the culmination of Emma’s experiences whilst touring Australia on Kasey Chambers’s Bittersweet Tour, Shane Nicholson’s Hell Breaks Loose tour, and Jon English’s Six Is Enough tour.

Website: Emma Beau

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