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Emily Hatton—

Aleyce Simmonds
Artist: Emily Hatton
Track: Hades
Single: Hades

Emily Hatton’s debut single, Hades has been a long time coming for the Melbourne-based artist, who has been singing and performing since the age of five. With a love of music instilled in her by her parents’ collection of Fleetwood Mac, James Taylor and Elton John records, Emily found her own groove, or rather, twang, in a country music scene she describes as being “full of hard-working, generous and focused people”.

Emily says Hades was written “when I was a dark place. It’s about overcoming a bad situation and knowing you’re better off than where you came from.” It’s a personal track that was written to convince her that leaving a particular person was the right decision.

Speaking about the process behind the song, Emily says that she wrote Hades in about 20 minutes and it “just kind of flowed out, one of those rare cases when everything just worked out perfectly. I’d always heard of artists doing that and didn’t think it was possible for me.” While it may have been a quick write, the recording process was a tough slog lasting nine hours with nothing but a cup of coffee and a banana for sustenance. The result, however, speaks for itself.

Recorded at Spinlight Studio in Newcastle, NSW, Hades was produced by Tim Tricky who also played five different instruments and sung backup vocals. Lachlan ‘Dusty’ Coffey played drums and percussion and Rhys Zacher took on engineering, recording, mixing and mastering the track.

Website: Emily Hatton

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