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Ella & Sienna—

Ella and Sienna
Artist: Ella and Sienna
Track: Next to Mine
Single: Next to Mine

Ella & Sienna, teenage singer-songwriter sisters from the Adelaide Hills, have released their single Next To Mine. The track embodies their formidable combination of soaring vocals, captivating sibling harmonies, catchy pop hooks, and country inspired storytelling.

Sienna says, “Next to Mine was written during the first pandemic lockdown in 2020. I wanted to create an energetic, up-tempo reflection of our love and care for family and friends.” Ella adds, “We were inspired by the shared feeling of heartache and longing to be close to loved ones through the uncertain and devastating times.”

Ella & Sienna show strong musicianship and poise with song writing and vocals, while showcasing their unique blend of pop, folk and country.

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