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Eight Second Ride
Artist: Eight Second Ride
Track: See What Tomorrow Brings
Single: See What Tomorrow Brings

Eight Second Ride, from Toowoomba, Queensland, combines the heartfelt intimacy of country music with the energy and appeal of rock and pop. In just a few short months they’ve gone from a local pub band, travelling in vans and sleeping on the side of the highway, to an up-and-coming powerhouse with their very own tour bus. It’s been an exhilarating journey for Matt (vocals/guitar), Tom (lead guitar), Barry (drummer) and Izek (bass), who have opened for, and toured with, bands including Jet, Wolfmother and Powderfinger before coming together for Eight Second Ride.

See What Tomorrow Brings explores the struggles of love and the feeling of loneliness that so often follows a breakup, with Matt’s raspy vocals leading the charge. It’s about knowing you’re in a toxic relationship but being unable to fight the forces of lust, hoping that things will be different in the morning.

The single was recorded in Toowoomba with Doug Martin from Mountain Track Records and produced remotely in Nashville by Ben Watts. Ben, a South Australian transplant, has played guitar for Luke Combs, Blake Shelton and Carrie Underwood. He also produced Kip Moore and Lee Brice’s new album. Ben said, “this is exactly what I was chasing, a new Australian country band capable of bringing that new Nashville sound to Australia. These boys are going to pioneer a sound that is yet to hit the Australian country scene.”

The track is the first taste of the band’s upcoming EP, for which they’re travelling to Nashville to work with Ben in person. Combining consummate professionalism with unbridled passion, Eight Second Ride is destined to continue on an upward trajectory and bring a unique sound to Australia’s country scene.

Website: Eight Second Ride

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