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Artist: Denvah
Track: Do Without
Single: Do Without

Singer songwriter Denvah is quickly making waves in the Australian country music scene. As the newly anointed victor of the Groundwater Kix Start competition, she has released her cathartic new single Do Without.

Do Without is a goodbye letter that puts a positive spin on heartache. This break-up song is not without a few sassy jabs, and it doesn’t pull punches. For Denvah the song is not only deeply personal, but therapeutic. “This song was the result of me stopping and comprehending all that had happened, almost as if the song was a diary entry,” she explains. “The writing process for this song happened quickly, for I feel the lyrics consist of all the things I never said, so it spilled out from my head to paper rather fast.”

She explains that she “also had my best friend from high school, who I used to sing with back then, come and do some backing vocals for me, so it was kind of a full circle moment for me.”

Springing onto the Australian music scene in 2018 with a strikingly beautiful, yet distinctive voice, the Central QLD songbird has garnered a loyal following. With a background in dance and musical theatre from the age of four, the stage truly is Denvah’s second home.

In January 2021, at the Rockhampton Australia Day Awards, Denvah received the Young Citizen of the Year Award for her contributions to the arts and her volunteer work. She is an artist with songs that connect. Her vibrant persona and songwriting prowess well beyond her years, are a combination that quickly enamours audiences. Do Without manages to express the heartache of a botched relationship, while still allowing her infectious optimism to shine.

Website: Denvah

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