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Della Harris—

Della Harris
Artist: Della Harris
Track: Must Have Been the Wine
Single: Must Have Been the Wine

Must Have Been the Wine is the next single to be released from Della Harris’s forthcoming album which is shaping up to be a diverse catalogue of award winning songs featuring her love of storytelling.

It’s this quality of drawing on her own life experiences as well as others that really enables the listener to connect. Must Have Been the Wine is written by Della and Clive Young. It follows the success of her hit singles Long as You’re Lonely and Roll of a Dice. The track is bluesy and playful

Della is a singer, songwriter, wife and mother, born in the heart of rural Victoria and now living in Melbourne raising her family. She loves performing and touring and has been doing so for most of her life, but it’s only been in recent years that her passion and desire to tell her own story has led her into her own original career. Her love for the story, the song and the performance coupled with an absolute burning desire to perform her own material has been the turning point in an already exciting career in music. “It has been quite an emotional journey finding my own voice—I feel like I have something worthwhile to share, an interesting life story to tell and my music is the vehicle for that,” says Della.

Website: Della Harris

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