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Della Harris—

Della Harris
Artist: Della Harris
Track: Long As You're Lonely
Single: Long As You're Lonely

Long As You’re Lonely is rising star Della Harris’s third release following on from the radio chart success of My Turn Now which reached No. 6 on the national Country Tracks Top 40. It also earned her nominations for National Rising Star 2018 and National Country Album of the Year 2018 in the Tasmanian Independent Country Music Awards, and is a current finalist in the Top 30 for country song of the year 2018 with the Australian Songwriters Association.

Long As You’re Lonely is self-penned by Della and co-writer Clive Young. The song is about the times in a relationship when you have to endure distance and time apart. It is about trusting that it’s going to be okay because as long as you are both missing each other, you know the relationship will remain strong and the reunion will be great.

Website: Della Harris

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