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Will Day and Brooke Schubert—

Will Day and Brooke Schubert
Artist: Will Day and Brooke Schubert
Track: Simple Then
Album: Countrified

Country artist Will Day’s new track, Simple Then, features fellow powerhouse country artist Brooke Schubert. It is a song of love and heartbreak, the story of a couple who fall in love at a young age but as time goes by, they drift apart. Early in their relationship, there were no complications, life was simple, fun and carefree. The boy breaks the girl’s heart, and they soon realise there is no fairy-tale ending.

“When Jared (my producer) and I wrote Simple Then, we knew straight away that we wanted it to be a male–female duet, it was just about finding the right fit. In my opinion, Brooke has one of the best voices in the country, so we were stoked when she agreed to come on board. It was wonderful working with such a professional. It’s a special track and Jared, Brooke and I are really happy with how it’s turned out,” says Will.

Simple Then is the third single from Will’s debut album Countrified. With a loyal fanbase, a genuine gift of storytelling, combined with compelling vocals and the ability to connect with a crowd, Will is fast becoming one of Australia’s premier rising artists and one who will undoubtedly be around for many years to come.

Website: Will Day

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