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Artist: Darlinghurst
Track: Gotta Go Rodeo
Single: Gotta Go Rodeo

Darlinghurst’s new single, Gotta Go Rodeo is a rollicking ride that just begs listeners to get up and dance.

Gotta Go Rodeo was inspired, says band member Cassie Leopold, “by this crazy place in Moama NSW” that Cassie and Pagan would head to on the odd occasion. “Gotta Go Rodeo is essentially about a place owned by friends of Pagan and mine who throw the most craziest parties. As you enter a sign reads leave your inhibitions at the gate and everyone that enters generally does that. It’s about escaping whatever’s bringing you down or holding you back and letting your hair down.”

Gotta Go Rodeo tells us that we all need to cut loose from time to time even to the point of “square dancing in a roundhouse” so as to enjoy life’s brief joyous moments with family and friends—more so than ever right now, “So turn it on, turn it up and get dancing!”

The track was co-produced by Pete Dacy and Darlinghurst’s Jason Resch at Secret Sound Studios and mixed by Grammy award winner Jack Joseph Puig.

Website: Darlinghurst

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