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Artist: Darlinghurst
Track: Gypsy Girl
Single: Gypsy Girl

Award-winning Darlinghurst kicked off 2024 with a number one smash, Unapologetic, a bold new sound, vibrant new look and new team. The duo, Cassie Leopold and Pagan Newman, turn the tables with Gypsy Girl, the yin to Unapologetic’s yang. The song switches lanes into a stripped back bluegrass arrangement complete with lush instrumentation and joyous harmonies. It speaks of freedom and allowing life to take you where you need to be.

“The girl who is not bound by the conventions of traditional society, Gypsy Girl serves as a reminder to all the power of individuality and the beauty of a life lived on one’s own terms,” says Cassie.

Gypsy Girl is the first single for Darlinghurst under their new label deal with Nybor Records. Gypsy Girl will make you fall in love with the music of Darlinghurst all over again.

Website: Darlinghurst

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