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Artist: Darlinghurst
Track: Sorry Won’t Get You Back
Single: Sorry Won’t Get You Back

Sorry Won’t Get You Back is the first single released by Darlinghurst, a Melbourne-based four-piece band comprising singer songwriters Jason Resch, guitar; Cassie Leopold, lead vocals; Pagan Newman; and Matt Darvidis, guitar.

Sorry Won’t Get You Back is about betrayal, heartbreak and loss—a love so shattered it’s beyond repair. It was written by Jason, Cassie and Pagan.

Jason began writing the song in Los Angeles and finished it in Melbourne with Cassie and Pagan. “Normally when someone writes a song about the pain of love, they see themselves as the innocent party. What I loved about the song was that it was someone admitting they had stuffed up and made a mistake,” says Cassie.

Website: Darlinghurst

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