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Danny Phegan—

Danny Phegan
Artist: Danny Phegan
Track: Little Man
Album: From Where I Stand

The best songs often come from hard times, and so is the case with chart-topping country artist, Danny Phegan’s new single, Little Man. The track came out of the stresses associated with the 2006 drought in southern NSW—the worst rainfall recorded for his home town of Walla Walla.

“I wrote this song in the years after that drought while putting in eight kilometres of new water line. My son Bill was only a couple of years old and always wanted to be with me wherever I went, but he’d be asleep by the first gate,” Danny said.

“I was under a lot of pressure and I remember looking at him and thinking how I wished I could sleep so soundly. Most nights I’d fall asleep staring at the ceiling running sums through my head to get through another month. But I also knew someday he’d get his turn at life’s worries and I don’t want him to be in a hurry to get there.”

Little Man is lifted from Danny’s debut album, From Where I Stand which topped the ARIA Country Charts on release this year. “I think most people could relate to the story of Little Man, particularly people on the land, and, to be honest, it could have been written about any of my kids,” Danny said. “It is a sentimental favourite on the album, which is why I’ve decided to release it.”

Website: Danny Phegan

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