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Daniel Reeves—

Daniel Reeves
Artist: Daniel Reeves
Track: Middle of Nowhere
Single: Middle of Nowhere

Victorian singer-songwriter, Daniel Reeves, teamed up with industry stalwart producer Michael Carpenter to bring his new song, Middle of Nowhere, to life.

The track delivers a sound that is big in size, yet sensitive in its nature. It represents a story of love gone wrong and to a degree opportunity lost. Through self-discovery and heartache, the song transforms into a new beginning where self-worth is the greatest currency. The outcome is worth the struggle; the new adventure is worth the ride.

“Working with Michael on this track allowed me to elevate the song to a new level,” says Daniel. “Over the past five years I have been focused on defining my sound and building the right team to deliver the best possible music I can. This track feels like a significant step up from previous releases. I am very proud of what we have been able to deliver, and I hope it really resonates with the audience.”

Website: Daniel Reeves

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