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The Curly Greenhorns—

The Curly Greenhorns
Artist: The Curly Greenhorns
Track: Solider’s Avenue
Single: Solider’s Avenue

The Curly Greenhorns was formed in 2015 and its members are from Sydney’s Northern Beaches around the Freshwater/Curl Curl area. They include Nick Green (Vocals, guitars, songwriter), Barry Farrell (Bass), Johno Oxley (Drums), and Mark Wilson (Guitars).

Their songs are written about local characters of the area they grew up in, including the rich history and heritage of the Northern Beaches. Soldier’s Avenue, about a local street going right up through the middle of Freshwater called Soldier’s Avenue, is no exception. It has trees lining each side of the street in memory of Diggers who came from Harbord and went away to fight in various wars. This song tells the story through the eyes of a grandson of a Rat of Tobruk. He never met him as he never made it back home. He was shot during WW2 in Papua New Guinea.

Website: The Curly Greenhorns

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