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Artist: Copperline
Track: King of this Country
Album: Rusty Fords and Weatherboards

Copperline’s new single King of this Country is the second track from the Sydney-based band’s debut album Rusty Fords and Weatherboards, an album that Copperline says was about 10 years in the making and a result of them meeting loads of wild and wonderful people while playing music all over the country.

Copperline is a Sydney-based collaboration between fellow travellers and troubadours Brad Christmas (vocals, guitar, piano); Richie Gosling (bass, guitar, vocals); Paul Handel (guitar, vocals); and Gareth Richards (Drums).

Brad says “I did a show in a town called Hill End, in the Central West of NSW, where I shared the stage with an old country singer. He’d won a Golden Guitar as a kid with his family band but life hadn’t treated him so well since. He told me more and more of his story during the night and I realised I had to write a song about it.”

ARIA Award Winner Shane Nicholson produced the track at Sound Hole Studios along with the rest of the album. It’s melancholic and provides an interesting contrast to Copperline’s first single, the still heartfelt yet upbeat and energetic Woman’s Touch, and showcases the band’s considerable range.

King of this Country is a fitting tribute to Australia’s country scene in which Copperline has been involved for many years.

Website: Copperline

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