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Clint Wilson—

Clint Wilson
Artist: Clint Wilson
Track: Family Tree
Single: Family Tree

Clint Wilson describes his new single, Family Tree, as a poetic reflection of the past. He says the song is about a tree planted back in 1985 and the days spent climbing when he was a child. Alluding to the deep roots of trees and family, he paints a heart-warming picture of familial love, over a simple arrangement of guitar, bass and banjo.

Family Tree was recorded at EOR Studio with Damian Cafarella and Lachlan Bryan. “It’s a song,” says Melbournian Clint, “that came after I started working on my family tree and discovering all of the unknown history that comes with it.” He asks whether he’ll stand tall once the tree falls, but can anyone truly answer that question until it happens?

The track also features on Clint’s new album, Another Death in the Family. He says, “One of my favourite things as a songwriter is having someone come up to me, or send me a message that tells me that they relate to my music. That really keeps you going. I just want to keep putting music out that people relate to.”

Website: Clint Wilson

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