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Claudia Tripp
Artist: Claudia Tripp
Track: I’m Never Drinking Again
Single: I’m Never Drinking Again

Singer-songwriter Claudia Tripp has released her new single, I’m Never Drinking Again. Putting a country twist on the relatable phrase, this upbeat heartbreak anthem features massive production with emotional and powerful vocals.

I’m Never Drinking Again was a song title idea I held with me for a long time, loving that it’s been said by almost everyone,” says Claudia. “When I brought the song to Rachael and MSquared, this song gained a whole new life. True, raw heartbreak can manifest itself into the things you love and hurt you all over again. I've been there; I've tasted a drink, heard a song, had something I used to love hit me like a ton of bricks in the wake of a heartbreak. I hope anyone who relates to this song is comforted by this; in the same we say this phrase hungover on a Monday morning, and then find ourselves having a beverage the following weekend, one day you'll be able to love and enjoy those painful things without that person, no matter how much you think.”

The past 12 months have been a whirlwind for this rising country pop sensation with I’m Never Drinking Again following her earlier single, I Only Miss You When I’m Drunk.

Website: Claudia Tripp

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