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Chloe Styler—

Chloe Styler
Artist: Chloe Styler
Track: Patient Heart
Single: Patient Heart

“I’m a sucker for a love song, but this one doesn’t have the perfect ‘love story’ ending we all seek. Because, more often than not, love doesn’t go as planned,” says Chloe Styler.

Patient Heart is the follow up to the successful When Your Light Burns. It was co-written by Chloe and two of her best friends and fellow musicians, Jenny Mitchell and George Goodfellow, while at a songwriting retreat on a secluded sheep station in rural NSW.

“I had this melody swirling around in my head but didn’t know what to do with it. We all sat down and got chatting to find that we’d experienced similar situations when it came to relationships and the uncertainty of falling for someone who isn’t sure they love you,” says Chloe.

“The song practically wrote itself within a couple of hours. It was quite an emotional experience, with tears being shed and some really personal memories being shared during the process. I’m so incredibly thankful I got to write it with two of my favourite people in the world, as it makes it even more special.”

Chloe explains that a “patient heart” is one that waits for its other half to find its way home. The song plays on the idea that the heart is reaching the end of its tether and is holding out for an answer, but is cut short before we find out. “The song is a plea for the person you love to let you know how they’re feeling before it’s too late, because none of us are guaranteed tomorrow.”

Website: Chloe Styler

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