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Chloe Styler—

Chloe Styler
Artist: Chloe Styler
Track: Read a Room
Single: Read a Room

Following her hit, Time Bomb, Chloe Styler is back with a new single, Read a Room, which cleverly navigates heartbreak.

Celebrated for her innovative take on pop country, Chloe employs her regular calling cards on Read a Room with warm synth tones and spacious guitars swirling around her sugary vocals. This time her usual sprightly performance is peppered with a touch of melancholy, as she pinpoints the collapse of a relationship.

Sitting in a writing session at Liz Rose Music Publishing House in Nashville TN, Chloe was living the dream, but the catch is she was also living a nightmare. Lo and behold she was being ghosted by a guy 9000 miles away. Rather than calling the guy out for his bad behaviour, she took the idea to collaborators Lauren McLamb and Phil Barton and put everything she’d say to him in a song.

“While I was in the process of being ghosted, I found myself saying the same thing to my friends ... something along the lines of ‘this guy is so lucky that I know how to read a room’. Although it hurt at the time I’ve come to realise that he did me a favour in the long run!”

The songbird enlisted Grammy award winning producer Luke Wooten to bring her words to life. There in Station West Studios in Nashville, they tracked three new songs. “This was my first time recording in Nashville, Tennessee, and I feel so fortunate to have had such an incredible experience! Luke Wooten is an incredible producer who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for a few years now. So, it was great to finally be in the studio working on this song with him and the band.”

Website: Chloe Styler

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