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Chelsea Berman—

Chelsea Berman
Artist: Chelsea Berman
Track: Waste of Time
EP: Can You Just Not

Waste of Time is the latest single from rising country singer–songwriter, Chelsea Berman, and the lead single for her new EP, Can You Just Not.

The EP includes co-writes with Nashville based Phil Barton, Jason Duke and Troy Kemp, as well as local songwriters Melanie Dyer, Michael Carpenter and Jeremy Barnes. It takes the audience on a journey through falling in love (Falling), heartbreak (Your Call, It Doesn’t Work Like That) and revival (Can You Just Not, Waste My Time), with stories that everyone can relate to, no matter what age.

Working with producer Rod McCormack, Chelsea has developed a new, fresh sound and hopes her EP, Can You Just Not, will be a new favourite.

Chelsea hails from the Central Coast of New South Wales. She started performing at the age of eight, and, from the beginning, her determination to become a professional singer–songwriter became apparent. At 22, she has now grown into an accomplished recording artist.

Website: Chelsea Berman

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