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Catherine Britt—

Catherine Britt
Artist: Catherine Britt
Track: Too Hot to Just Quit
Album: Catherine Britt & the Cold Cold Hearts

Too Hot to Just Quit is the third single from Catherine Britt’s current album Catherine Britt & The Cold Cold Hearts. The song tells the tale of the redemptive nature of finding one’s soulmate, the yin to one’s yang.

Catherine is an Australian artist who can lay claim to a range of styles from pop country to bush ballads, acoustic folk-leaning songs to rousing country rock and the polymorphic blend of Americana.

Her album Catherine Britt & The Cold Cold Hearts is an album that rattles and rolls with life, energy and honest, autobiographical songwriting. It conjures up vibrant Australian imagery, from the bush to the coal mines via the white lines of the coastal and desert open roads; the beauty and scale of the landscape juxtaposed with songs of personal challenge and the power of love and family. “These songs were all about what I was seeing and feeling and wrapping it up in an album,” says Catherine.

Website: Catherine Britt

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