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Cass Hopetoun—

Cass Hopetoun
Artist: Cass Hopetoun
Track: Chinese Whispers
Single: Chinese Whispers

Cass Hopetoun’s latest single, Chinese Whispers, is the sixth single to be taken from her 13-track album. It’s a fiercely self-assured anthem of empowerment, “a song you put on when someone has been talking smack about you and you want to feel empowered and have that ‘shake it off’ moment,” says Cass. “It’s a reminder that people are always going to ‘talk’ but, you can choose to ignore them because you know what’s true and what’s not.”

The sassy new tune arrives just ahead of Cass’s highly anticipated debut album Not Your Typical Bride.

The feisty lyrics of Chinese Whispers were crafted by Cass and her fiancé and collaborator, Blake Dantier, after she became the victim of a nasty rumour. “Haters gonna throw shade, shade, shade, no matter what I do,” she sings triumphantly in the song’s chorus. Her vocal is both delicate and commanding as it dances effortlessly around Matt Fell’s (Love Hz Studios) production. Incorporating elements of Motown and surf rock, the country-tinged track is both timeless and fresh.

Website: Cass Hopetoun

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