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Camille Trail—

Camille Trail
Artist: Camille Trail
Track: twenties
Single: twenties

After this year’s first single, Gotta Get to Know You, bared some post-breakup scars along with a new indie-folk direction, Camille Trail has pulled the curtains right back with twenties. “I was really good when I wrote Gotta Get to Know You but with twenties I was so tired, working the day job to pay the bills and writing straight afterward, and I was burning the candle at both ends,” Camille says. “It was this moment where I was going back and forth of being okay and not being okay and wondering how long am I going to be like this? And everything came crashing down at once. I felt like I had my quarter life crisis.”

She laughs at the sound of this, almost apologising for being 25 and uncertain, as if anyone at 35 or 55 really has everything sorted; as if they didn’t have their own meltdowns once. But the crisis can be felt in every beat of the song she made with producer Garrett Kato. “I wanted it to build up quickly and have this chaotic energy about it, so you didn’t really know what was happening, like it came out of nowhere. Because that’s what was going on in my head,” says Camille of twenties, which she finished writing on the day she went into the studio.

“There’s the panicky heartbeat drums and that racing feeling, hot flushes, thoughts going crazy, and then you have that breaking point where everything stops and it’s like, okay, this is what it is, so how am I going to deal with this?” Camille insists, “I hadn’t completely lost my mind. It’s just that all these things hit me at once and I was a little bit sad for a moment. And it’s okay that I felt sad.” She adds, “I am comfortable now with having no idea what I’m doing, because I know I’ll figure it out.”

Website: Camille Trail

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