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Camille Trail and Brad Butcher—

Camille Trail and Brad Butcher
Artist: Camille Trail and Brad Butcher
Track: Holding Pattern
Single: Holding Pattern

Holding Pattern, written by Shane Nicholson with Matt Benbrook and Amy Lawton on a writing trip to London in 2019, brings together for the first time Queenslanders Camille Trail and Brad Butcher.

Holding Pattern is a song I wrote in London with Matty Benbrook and Amy Lawton (pre-Covid)” says Shane. “I had no real plans for the song, so when Camille asked to record it as a duet with Brad Butcher I was stoked! Especially because they both sing like angels, and they ultimately sold the story of the song perfectly.”

“I first met Brad in about 2018 when I was at Uni in Brisbane,” recalls Camille “We wrote a song together and I subsequently grew to love his music. We’ve come to know each other more now that I’m working in the music industry and we don’t live far from each other. I was completely stoked when he agreed to sing Holding Pattern with me”.

Camille has earned accolades far and wide for a sultry melting pot of country, folk, blues and gospel, and Brad is a highly regarded Australian troubadour. They both live near Rockhampton and share a love of roots music. They’d been toying with the idea of touring together for a while, and when Camille heard Shane’s demo of Holding Pattern she immediately knew who she wanted to sing it with.

Website: Camille Trail
Website: Brad Butcher

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