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Bryce Sainty—

Bryce Sainty
Artist: Bryce Sainty
Track: Goodbye
Single: Goodbye

To cap off what has been a truly unbelievable year, Bryce Sainty has released what is arguably his best single to date, Goodbye. Co-written with US songwriter Chris Yarber, Goodbye is an upbeat, energetic, summer hit that will have listeners turning up the sound and singing along.

Kicking off the year following his 2018 success with Eleven Eleven (co-written with US artist Morgan Evans), and Something I Want (mixed and mastered by Jeff Balding), Bryce performed at Tamworth as part of the huge “Live and Loud” concert.

Bryce then released his breakout single Never Going Back, followed by a digital single called Table For Two (co-written with Melanie Dyer and Kaylens Rain member Glen Harrison.

Bryce is a country pop artist and singer–songwriter from the east coast of Australia. He and has been travelling back and forth to Nashville for the past five years, working with some of Nashville’s top publishers and writers as well as performing at some of the most iconic songwriting venues including The Bluebird Cafe and The Listening Room.

Website: Bryce Sainty

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