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Brooke Lambert—

Brooke Lambert
Artist: Brooke Lambert
Track: Outta my Head
Single: Outta my Head

Outta my Head is about Brooke Lambert being told that she should “be a ‘lady’ or no one will ever know her name”. Refusing to fit the mould, Brooke stays true to herself throughout the track and admits that she’s “not here for your attention”. Outta my Head is an upbeat, catchy, country/pop song, not shy on honesty and self-respect. The song is about being confident enough to be exactly who you are without giving in to someone’s idea of who you should be.

Brooke is a singer–songwriter whose talents are matched only by her sense of humour. She has performed at the Groundwater Country Music Festival, Tamworth Country Music Festival and the Backroad Bash Music Festival. She has also supported acts including Kirsty Lee Akers, Neilly Rich, Rachael Fahim and The Choirboys.

All of Brooke’s releases to date were produced by Jared Adlam, from Jared Adlam Audio Production on the Gold Coast, who has worked with artists including Aleyce Simmonds, Tori Forsyth, Will Day, The Ruiins and Jonny Taylor.

Website: Brooke Lambert

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