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Brendan McMahon—

Artist: Brendan McMahon
Track: It’s Good to be Alive
Single: It’s Good to be Alive

Brendan McMahon is living the Australian dream with his new single, It’s Good to be Alive.

Sitting on the back deck of his home in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria, one morning, before it got light, Brendan held his acoustic guitar and an early morning brew, when it dawned on him how good it was to watch the world come to life. His brand new single, It’s Good to be Alive was born.

Brendan is an inveterate traveller and astute observer, possessed of an enquiring and open mind. He is a multi-award-winning singer-songwriter with more than twenty years’ experience. Not afraid to defy expectation, his music is eclectic, adventurous, and blessed with a limitless fluidity. Having visited more than fifty unique and varied countries, his travel experiences, specifically his observations of history, cultures, people, architecture, and nature, are at the root of his creativity and song writing.

Brendan grew up in the small town of Kapunda near South Australia’s Barossa Valley. He discovered his love of music at 15 after being “awed and floored” seeing Jimi Hendrix play on television. He was amazed by the sounds that Jimi could pull from a guitar and was captivated by the iconic performer’s showmanship. Borrowing money from his mother (and paying it back at $2 a week) he promptly bought himself a $60 guitar and amp rig from a mate.

Initially wanting to be a glam-rock superstar in the 80s and 90s, Brendon later transitioned to the more storytelling driven tunes of songwriters such as Paul Kelly, Harry Manx, Richard Thompson and Garth Brooks, artists that continue to inspire him today.

Website: Brendan McMahon

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