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Billie Rose—

Billie Rose
Artist: Billie Rose
Track: Can’t Bring Back the Dead
Single: Can’t Bring Back the Dead

Scarlet-haired Billie Rose, a fresh voice in alt-country music, has released a haunting new single, Can’t Bring Back the Dead, an inimitable soundscape for Billie’s dynamo voice to soar atop.

“Last year I did a tour of an old cemetery in my hometown,” says Billie Rose. “I noticed some of the gravestones included the cause of death. I thought it would be an interesting metaphor to use in a song one day.”

Written with Peta-Cherae, Billie Rose says, “It felt effortless to write, we were done within an hour.” Reminding us that it’s the ones closest to the heart that are often the easiest, she continues, “The song was inspired by a breakup I went through. There was no real reason for the end, and the death of the relationship meant I didn’t have the chance to get the answers I wanted.”

Billie Rose, a graduate of the CMAA Junior Academy of Country Music, and two-time finalist in the Tamworth Songwriters Association awards as well as three-time finalist in the QMusic awards, has supported stars Busby Marou and Fanny Lumsden. With admirable songwriting skills, a killer voice, and sound uniquely her own, Billie Rose is a formidable young star on the rise. Can’t Bring Back the Dead has her talents on full display, and is a breath of fresh air in alt-country.

Website: Billie Rose

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