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Big Sky Mountain—

Big Sky Mountain
Artist: Big Sky Mountain
Track: The Great Escape
Single: The Great Escape

Charging into 2022 with their new single The Great Escape, Sydney based Americana band Big Sky Mountain features the band’s familiar hooks, soaring harmonies and a sing along chorus.

The Great Escape is a cheeky country classic with no strings attached, giving you permission to drop everything and run.

Big Sky Mountain is an all female band that draws on a distinct Americana style of pop music, with flavours of country, folk and jazz. Their set up consists of keys, percussion, brass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass and a whole lot of singing. The result is a wildly varied and eclectic sound that is held together through their unique sound. Every link in this chain works in complementary synergy, making the other parts exponentially better.

Electric guitarist Sharon’s sharp licks are grounded in other guitarist and ukulele player Viv’s acoustic strumming; bassist Rachel’s dynamic rhythms are chugged along through drummer Kelly’s tireless performance; and lead vocalist Dominique soars over the top of the other harmonising vocalists. They deliver a kaleidoscope of harmonies and gritty rhythms, chaotic, earthy, and real.

Website: Big Sky Mountain

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