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Benny Allen—

Benny Allen
Artist: Benny Allen
Track: Lady Luck & Me
Single: Lady Luck & Me

Benny Allen’s Lady Luck & Me, is contemporary Bluegrass at its finest. Its upbeat, fun is guaranteed to make you want to dance. It is a song born out of pure joy, the joy of music, fun and freedom.

Lady Luck & Me was recorded and produced by Michael Carpenter (Love Hz Studios, Sydney), and features Nashville’s Luke Moller on fiddle.

Benny’s latest single recordings, Places I’ve Never Been, inspired by the opportunity he has had to travel Australia, see its towns and meet its people, and The Ballad of Point Nepean, based on the historical story of Victoria’s first Quarantine Station, show the diversity in his song writing, and his love of storytelling.

Benny won multiple awards at the 2020 Tamworth Country Music Festival off the back of his debut album Never Knew I Was Country.

Website: Benny Allen

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