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Baeden Faint
Artist: Baeden Faint
Track: Overthinking
Single: Overthinking

Aussie Country troubadour Baeden Faint follows up his hit debut Hometown Fantasy with the introspective single, Overthinking.

Baeden’s music is honest and raw, in both lyrics and instrumentation. Overthinking speedily pulses to the rhythm of rustic guitars and banjo, as Baeden delivers disarmingly personal, yet poetic lines.

The song’s opening lines were inspired by a literal “old flame”. “I originally started writing this song about a fire, sitting around a 44-gallon drum with a drink and smoke,” recalls the singer-songwriter. “Then a girl came into the picture.”

The song laments the strains of past relationships. “It reflects on how it seemed all my relationships were going at the time, and I was adamant that this time was going to be different,” says Baeden. The song’s optimistic turn was in part thanks to his long-time friend and guitarist, Brad Ashton. “In the early days the song had more of a tone of desperation, but a little while down the track, Brad sat out the front of my grandparent’s house and strummed a few chords, which led to a rethinking in a slightly more positive light.”

Baeden has called many places in Australia home and holds a long resume of odd jobs, from Maccas worker to lifeguard to bartender. He’s written songs on coastal cliff faces and desert canyons, all since taking flight from home at the age of 18. Every little detail in his life contributes to his stunning lyricism, his words resonating with honesty and authenticity because he’s truly lived them. He continues to impress with his songcraft.

Overthinking, while deeply personal, is a highly relatable track, set to an alt-country soundscape reminiscent of modern giants like Zach Bryan and Tyler Childers. Its elegant portrayal of romance speaks to the singer-songwriter’s talent with words.

Website: Baeden Faint

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