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The Austins
Artist: The Austins
Track: Back Road Bus Stop
Single: Back Road Bus Stop

Rohan and Candice, The Austins, are an emerging contemporary country duo who have teamed up with Golden Guitar winners, co-writer David Carter and producer Matt Fell, for their debut single Back Road Bus Stop. The song is their personal take on a classic long-distance relationship.

Rohen says, “I was on the farm in Kaniva, Victoria, and Candice was in Adelaide, South Australia. Most of the time I would drive and stay in Adelaide or pick Candice up and drive back to the farm for the weekend. One such weekend I could not take Candice back to Adelaide on the Sunday night, so she caught the bus from Bordertown. Waiting for the bus to leave was agony knowing that we were so close to each other yet so far apart. Candice vowed never to catch the bus back to Adelaide again.”

Candice and Rohan agree that writing their own songs has always been important to them as individuals. “Music is what makes us tick, and we are entering an exciting new phase of our music together. We want to tell our own stories about our own experiences, in our own style.”

Performing from a very young age with identical twin Nadinne, Candice has a wealth of performing and song-writing experience. Rohan is the local policeman at Keith in South Australia and has been playing music since he started his first band in high school as a drummer and singer. Candice and Rohan had been together for nearly 20 years when Rohan’s love for playing in his Aussie pub band enticed Candice to join him. They loved singing together, and the country music duo, The Austins, was formed.

“Balancing our working lives with our young family and our music can be challenging at times, especially as Rohan is the only policeman in our town. Working as a duo makes it so much easier; we realised that performing together we could really make it work. We can write songs with the kids on our knees, between work shifts if we must. It’s a great way to make all our dreams work in together,” reflects Candice.

Website: The Austins

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