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Andy Penkow—

Andy Penkow
Artist: Andy Penkow
Track: Protected Love
Single: Protected Love

Andy Penkow starts the year with his new single, Protected Love, produced by Rod Motbey at his Tracking Dog Studios on the NSW South Coast.

The song is about coming to the realisation that the outcome of a broken relationship could have been different had you protected the other person more. It’s about love, pain and remorse—but knowing deep down—you truly believe that love conquers all.

“I co-wrote this song with fellow artist and creative director Rip-Van Park. We both had similar experiences which made it easy to create a sad country love song,” says Andy. “It’s about reflecting on a relationship that had turned bad and looking back on what you did wrong. I think everyone can relate to those sentiments.”

Andy, a relative newcomer on the country scene, is from the NSW South Coast. He ended 2020 on a high with 10 weeks of charting in the Country Songs Top 40 and national airplay off the back of his Top 20 hit, The Biggest Hearts Can Break.

Website: Andy Penkow

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