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Allison Forbes—

Allison Forbes
Artist: Allison Forbes
Track: Bonedigger
Album: Bonedigger

Nomadic singer–songwriter Allison Forbes is learning from the past and looking forward to an even brighter future with her new single, Bonedigger. This swampy country blues tune paints a picture with cemetery bones, graveyards, skeletons, and past mistakes and mishaps.

The single is the title track of her ARIA No. 1 charting album released in February, and encourages listeners to leave the past in the past.

“No matter how tempting it is to bring the past back up, shake it or stir it, some things should be left to rest,” says Allison. “At the time, I wasn’t really aware of what I was writing it for, but since then I have learnt that it’s probably one of the most important life lessons. I think it’s important for all of us to learn from the past, but realise how important it is to move on from it as well, even though we are tempted to wallow in it, but we need to learn from it and move on.”

Website: Allison Forbes

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