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Adam Toms
Artist: Adam Toms
Track: This Old Mandolin
Album: Where Were You

Adam Toms’s latest offering from his Where Were You album is This Old Mandolin. Adam writes from a very personal perspective paying tribute to his father who passed away four years ago on 25 April.

Traditional country sounds are blended through the production and Adam shows a gentler approach to his vocal delivery compared with previous singles when singing This Old Mandolin.

While this is a very personal song written by Adam himself, he recognises its universal appeal and how it can bring back good memories to those who have lost loved ones.

“Dad’s death hit me in a few different ways and I lost motivation to write music for a while. After about a year this is the first song that popped out. Not long before he died he gave me this old mandolin which he’d had for many years. Every time I look at the mandolin I think of Dad”, Adam says.

The rural Victoria based artist known for his big voice and love for the country/southern rock sound takes it back a few notches for this mellow track which has been described by industry, fans and peers as “country as horse manure”.

The Youth Worker by day often uses his passion for music to work on issues with teenagers in his local community as a way to express and release thoughts and feelings. It seems he has done exactly that with this new single while keeping in line with that distinct “Tomsy” flavour.

Website: Adam Toms

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