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Adam Harvey—

Adam Harvey
Artist: Adam Harvey
Track: Highway Number One
Single: Highway Number One

Acclaimed country music star Adam Harvey has released his latest single Highway Number One, inspired by his years touring around the beautiful country he calls home.

The multiple ARIA Award nominee and eight-time Golden Guitar winner wrote Highway Number One about the joys travelling can bring. On the track Adam says, “I’ve toured right around the country, across it, up and down it, every which way you could possibly go and I’ve been lucky enough to do that for over 20 years. There is a feeling of freedom when you’re constantly on the move, it’s really amazing and very addictive. I thought if I write a song about it, it might connect with people on the roads, it might also encourage people to take the leap, buy the caravan and explore this amazing country as you travel along Highway Number One.”

Stepping into the shoes of the producer for the first time, recording Highway Number One was a completely new experience for Adam. “Going into the studio was pretty daunting at first I must admit, but I really enjoyed the process,” he says. When producing and mixing the record, the country veteran went in with a clear vision for the direction of the sound, “I knew what I wanted to say and exactly how I wanted it to sound. I had this whole concept in my mind and that made it very easy not to get side tracked or lost.”

Website: Adam Harvey

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